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Three generations of Lyons, (my Dad, my son and me), presented ourselves at the NEC today for the Cycle Show. It was niggling me that it was a glorious day outside, probably one of the last chances to cycle in short sleeves this year but I’d be spending it in a crowded exhibition hall in Birmingham. Still, we’d bought the tickets in advance so off we went to look at bikes rather than ride them.

And there were lots of shiny bikes to look at but none of the big three were there, no Specialized, Trek or Giant stands. Nor were some of the smaller big companies there such as Cube. Some great looking bikes were being showed off by Pinarello, Ribble and Condor though.

Shiny BikeLots of ugly looking bikes were on show too – I’m talking about electric bikes. There must be a market for them but can’t they just buzz off (hum off? whrr off?) and get their own show – I just don’t get them.

Highlight off the show though for my 7 and a half year old son and my 75 year old Dad was the BMX Park competition. A rabble of cool looking dudes on their diddy bikes defied gravity, pulling off some amazing tricks that left us lost for words. Except for maybe the words “awesome”, “whoa!” and err..”rad” ?

Cool BMX dude.
I also met Ned Boulting, ITV sport’s cycling presenter. We had a brief chat and he came across as a throughly nice fella.
When we were all cycle show-ed out we emerged from the NEC complex blinking in the wonderful late autumn sunshine. My main thought was what a great day it would have been for a bike ride.
Ned Boulting - nice bloke.
(Ahem…on behalf of my son, sorry to the Sigma Sport stand for breaking one of their dummies, apologies to the security guard who tripped over a 7 year old boy lying on the floor in the Cycle Arena and “chill out” to the guy on the stand where the boy touched the £2K bmx bike.)

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